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Terms & conditions


- Driving Licence, obtained from at least 1 year;

- Valid Identity card or Passport;

- Credit card.


1)  Vehicle pick-up and give-back

Vehicle indentified on rental contract, is given in perfect conditions, defects and problems have to be told by client and will be written in contract. Customer engage to give it back in the same conditions, in the place, date and time written in rental contract with a tolerance of 30 minutes. After this time one more day price will be applied.


2) Use of the vehicle

Vehicle rental is allowed to people aged at least 21 years old that have a valid driving licence obtained at least from 1 year.

Customer is responsible for all infringement to italian law road rules and for payment of highway and parkings fees.

Vehicle can be driven only by person or persons authorized on the rental contract.

Its not allowed to rent vehicle to other person or simply give it to use. This will cause the immediate cessation of rental contract.

Its not allowed to smoke, to carry animals or anything else that can make dirty or damage the vehicle.

Customer is obliged to use and keep the vehicle with maximum respect and regard. Any intervenction without communicate to Tuscany slow Tour is not allowed.

Customer cannot use vehicle in these cases:

- With not valid driving licence.

- Under influnce of alcohol, drugs or other stuff that can limit physical and psychological condition or decrease reaction and control abilities.

- Out of the road or on unsuitable roads.

Customer accept to get responsibility for payment for all damages, not properly or incautious use.


3) Insurance and responsibility

Rented vehicle is insuranced. Customer will be responsible for all damages to the vehicle caused by vandalism, crash, overturn, accident and also for fares to transport back the damaged vehicle.

In case of theft customer have to call immediately Tuscany slow Tour and to go to the nearby Police Office.

In case of accident the customer has to call immediately Tuscany Slow Tour and call the nearby Police Station for intervention.

Tuscany Slow Tour is not responsible for all kind of damages, included mechanical fails or working defects of vehicle.


4) Refueling.

Vehicle is given to the customer with full tank of fuel. At the moment of giving back the customer is obliged to refill the tank to the same level. In case of different level, the customer will be charged for the missing fuel.


5) Personal data and informations
Customer allows Tuscany Slow Tour to treat his personal data and information, according to Italian Privacy Law number 196/03.